This support document is for version 1 of Hugr. The document for version 2 is here.

Where do I find and download the Hugr app?

You may download the app from the Apple App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices. You may also search on either store for “Hugr Authentic Connections”.

How do I sign up to Hugr Authentic Connections as a Chambers Plan member?

  1. When opening the app for the first time the following screen will be shown. Tap on the "Get Started" to start your Hugr account sign up.

  2. Enter your name, your birthdate and continue.

  3. Set your privacy settings and agree to terms and disclaimer.

  4. Enter a name, email, and password then create the account.
  5. Enter the verification code sent to the email address used to create your account.

  6. Choose and tap on the Chambers Plan logo

  7. Enter your Chambers Plan Certificate #.

  8. If the Certificate # and/or birthdate you provided did not match your Chambers Plan account, you may correct them. 

  9. That's it!

Where do I find my Certificate Number?

Log into the my-benefits® website and you should see the 10-digit Certificate # in the header of every page. Alternatively you may open the my-benefits® iOS app or Android app to see your Certificate #.

Can my Chambers Plan dependent(s) sign up?

Yes. Any Chambers Plan dependent complying with Hugr's privacy policies may sign up. They should use the same 10-digit Certificate # and their own birthdate.

Who can I contact if there are are any issues?

Email if you experience any problem and a member of the Hugr team will get in touch to assist you.